November 9th, 2015

A beautiful opener from DJ Krush’s latest album kicks it off with some nice piano riffs courtesy of broadway’s latest sensation “Hamilton”. Diplo muses about the influences of radio on his career before an unreleased banger from Z-Trip and a new one from Ott. Some old school Material and an Orb remix before the break. We switch gears into psychedelic rock explorations from Kaleidoscope before Laswell, DJ Disk, Karsh Kale, Gigi, Talvin Singh and Zakir Hussein drop the eatern drum n bass stylee.

09Nov2015 – The Howe Sound System #159 by The Howe Sound System on Mixcloud

Probability – DJ Krush
Satisfied – Hamilton
Strange Light – DJ Krush feat. Free the Robots
Making It Hard – Diplo
808 In The Trunk [Cut] – Brillz and Z-Trip
Patchouli Dump Truck – Opiuo
Mr Balloon Hands – Ott
Mantra – Material
Praying Mantra Mix (The Orb Remix) – The Orb
Taxim – Kaleidoscope
Magnetic Dub – Tabla Beat Science