May 4th, 2015

Burial exclusive track released only on Hyperdub’s 10th anniversary starts the show this week. We hear the tech house vibes of Keir then Ancient Astronauts start the melodica groove. How can we even mention melodica without dropping a couple from the late Augustus Pablo, then Kiasmos kicks off the second set followed by brand new Recondite, and Woo York, both released on Life and Death. Scuba surfaces, then Christian Kleine brings the melodic glitch and we hear a nice ambient one from aAirial. Burial closes out the show with another lesser known one, Stolen Dog.

#141 – May 4th, 2015 by The Howe Sound System on Mixcloud

Download episode here (mp3 version) right-click (save as)


Burial – Lambeth
Keir – Opprobrium
Ancient Astronauts – Calvert Street Rock
Augustus Pablo – Natural Way
Augustus Pablo – Nature Dub
Kiasmos – Looped
Recondite – Think Twice
Woo York – The Valley Of Songs
Scuba – The Upside
Christian Kleine – Crystal
aAirial – Feel
Burial – Stolen Dog